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Don't Get Left Behind: Keep Up with Fitness Tech

Fitness tech is constantly evolving. Wearables were a huge innovation, and now they're commonplace in the UK. Action PR's Head of Industry Miranda Markham investigates the fitness technologies taking the industry by storm

Once the exclusive domain of the fitness elite, wearable devices that track health and fitness data are now widely available. But the industry has already changed and evolved. Counting steps and calories are old news, and the rising trends are biochemistry, genetics and insights related to overall health and well-being. 

Not only is data getting more accurate, it’s also getting more detailed and bespoke, providing a sophisticated level of personalisation for the wearer. It’s more than just workout data. 

Today’s fitness tech is measuring everything from exercise intensity to sleep quality, recovery and food sensitivities. 

But what does this mean for personal trainers and fitness professionals? We spoke to two industry experts to find out.

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