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Encourage All Clients to Try Strength and Conditioning

Research conducted by Les Mills has demonstrates that strength training can be more effective than cardio for burning fat. Fitness professionals widely recommend including weights in balanced exercise programmes for all clients

Cardio machines like the treadmill and bike are by far the most commonly-used machines in the gym. The go-to for new members due to their ease and simplicity, cardio machines are also a popular choice for any gym member with a weight loss goal, with calorie burn often perceived as the most important metric for shedding pounds. However, new research from a ground-breaking study shows that the most effective way to burn calories may be by lifting weights, rather than cardio alone. 

The peer-reviewed study, conducted by Les Mills, was recently published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport. The study compared those doing a steady cycle class against those doing a Les Mills BODYPUMP class, a popular barbell workout using light-to-moderate weights and lots of repetition. 

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