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Fitness Professionals: Recognise Your Own Needs

Fitness professionals spend a lot of time goal-setting with clients, and helping clients to overcome barriers to achieve success. But how often do you do the same for yourself? John Byers weighs up the similarities between this process as it relates to a client and to being a personal trainer

As someone who has gone from personal trainer to studio owner and employer, I see huge similarities between what we do with, and for, our clients, and what we should be doing for ourselves.

The most helpful way I’ve found to get this point across is to have a look at the typical journey of a customer, then that of a health and fitness professional (HFP).

The similarities between what a customer experiences and what a HFP may go through is stark to see on paper. So it is important to ask yourself, whatever your level of development, are you offering yourself on a business level what you would offer to a customer to help them achieve their goals?

For so many of us, the answer will be: probably not! The level of detail that we go into with our customers is far greater.

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