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Fitness Professionals Can Help Pregnant Women

Few challenges for fitness coaches are quite like working with pregnant clients. Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill's physio Alison Rose tells Carrie Dunn how it can be done safely and effectively, for maximum benefit

“Women should not be having to put up with this,” internationally-renowned physio Alison Rose tells me when we meet to discuss the importance of high-quality training for pregnant women. So, how should we coach our pregnant athletes to ensure maximum benefit to that person?

Alison says that it is hard to overstate the importance for pregnant women and fitness professionals alike to understand some of the exercises and workouts that can make pregnancy, birth and new motherhood a little bit easier – rather than brushing any discomfort aside as something simply to be endured.

“There are things you can do,” is Alison’s heartfelt message.

“There are certain stretches,” Alison explains. “If you can manage it, or physios or personal trainers are helping you, there are things that will help you to stay as strong and healthy as possible. It isn’t just tough luck – it’s because you’re pregnant. There’s much more that you can do.”

But there are also things that fitness professionals can do to help – with the requisite knowledge and understanding.

Alison is clear that training is an essential starting point for personal trainers and fitness coaches keen to break into this market, and that when researching relevant qualifications, it’s important to make sure that they are within your scope of practice.

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