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Developing Mindsets

Growth Industry: Advocating a Mindset Revolution in Coaching

Performance coach Jeremy Frith and educational psychologist Rachel Sykes discuss the positive development and application of mindset with athletes and young people. They tell UK Coaching’s Blake Richardson that the beliefs people have about their abilities shape their mindsets and therefore their behaviours

It is human nature to want to be successful in whatever venture you undertake in life.

Your way of thinking – your mindset – is crucial to whether you end up fulfilling your personal goals: achieving the exam grades you yearn for; flourishing in your career; reaching the performance level you aspire to in your chosen sport.

In coaching terms, understanding your participants’ individual mindsets is an important first step in helping them fulfil their potential as performers.

More specifically, identifying if they have a growth mindset or fixed mindset: do they believe in their capacity to learn and develop their abilities, or do they think their personal qualities are genetic traits that are set in stone?

By having an awareness of where your participants sit on the growth to fixed mindset continuum for mental and physical character traits – such as resilience, confidence, motivation and strength – coaches can more easily begin the process of guiding their participants’ way of thinking, with a view to cultivating a growth mindset culture.

The manipulation of athletes’ mental traits to achieve performance gain is given a high priority in elite sport, where psychologists can work directly with athletes and alongside coaches, and time is not an issue.

With the concept of growth mindset now widely regarded as being a wonderful foundation for learning, imagine the impact if more of the nation’s three-million coaching workforce begin utilising this powerful learning tool as part of their coaching methods.

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