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Home Practice: Activities Should be Purpose-Driven

Practice makes perfect, so the saying goes, but what can you do if your athlete only trains for a session or two a week? Mike Dale picks up some hints and tips from coaches from a variety of sports on what can be achieved with home practice.

Setting ‘homework’ for the people you coach can help them improve their skills. But what should home practice be like?

You’ll probably be familiar with the phrase: “work on that for next week.” It’s a throwaway line that concludes many a coaching session.

In uttering these words, coaches at elite level can be pretty confident they’re not wasting their breath; their athletes have the time, commitment and motivation to put in the practice hours, plus training partners and access to all the facilities they need.

But what about lower down the chain? When a grassroots badminton coach asks his Saturday morning junior to work on his smash, or a gymnastics coach wants a 12 year old to practise her landings, what can they do by themselves, without a court or a pommel horse in their back garden?


What about the people you coach? What can they realistically achieve outside of your sessions?


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