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Joe Montemurro on Integrating Your Emotions in Training and Games

UK Coaching Senior Coach Developer Tom Hartley speaks to Arsenal Women First Team Head Coach Joe Montemurro about his experiences of understanding and managing his emotions in practice and competition

Is it important for coaches to have an understanding of their emotions? Does having an awareness of yourself help you have a positive impact on your athletes, practice and the wider coaching environment? 

A framework for emotional intelligence developed by Daniel Goleman highlights the value of self and social emotional awareness, but also of regulation. This refers to what we notice about our emotions and how we manage them. It is important to be aware that our emotions do not just impact us, but also have a ripple effect on:

  • our interpersonal relationships inside and outside of our coaching world
  • the environment we create
  • the wider organisational culture that we are part of and help create.

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