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Physical Activity and Mental Health: Exercise is Good for the Mind

Personal Trainer Sarah Winn discusses the huge impact that physical activity can have on mental health and well-being, and makes it clear that offering emotional support is just as important as technique-based tips

Any qualified trainer will know that exercise improves health and fitness. But exercise is not only great for the body – a real mood changer, it can help the mind, too.

There is a strong link between being physically active and improved mental well-being.

Depression, for instance, has been strongly associated with illness and even cardiovascular mortality.

People who engage in regular exercise at any intensity are less likely to suffer from mental health problems, with a variety of research showing that exercise can be as effective as medication when it comes to treating certain conditions.

Physical activity that is practised as a group also helps enormously in combatting social isolation, as during a group activity – such as running, spinning, dance, or team sports – a person is included and engaged in a group of like-minded people. This can help improve motivation and alleviate stress and anxiety.

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