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Supporting Specific Needs

Practical Strategies to Use When Coaching People with Autism

This is the first in a two-part series, providing real-life examples of autistic behaviour that went unnoticed by coaches. Blake Richardson examines why these innocuous situations escalated and how such scenarios can be avoided by equipping coaches with some basic knowledge to give them a better understanding of the condition

Amanda Hoynes is an active triathlon coach with a special interest in making mainstream sport more accessible for people on the autism spectrum. Head Junior Coach at Durham Triathlon Club and a Coach Educator for British Triathlon, Amanda juggles this with being a parent of a sport-loving child with autism and her training and development business.

Her experiences as a parent, trainer and coach have convinced her that sport can transform the lives of people with autism.

Coaches have the opportunity to make a massive positive impact if they take a bit of time to build their understanding and knowledge of autism. And the best part? This will improve the quality of your coaching for everyone else too.

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