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PTs: Be Motivated by Clients, not Income

Ian Slattery meets 2018's Personal Trainer of the Year Holly Lynch to find out how personal trainers can stand out from the crowd. The secret, she says, is to be driven by an interest in your clients, not by how much you could make

With well over 20,000 personal trainers in the UK, the ability to stand out is more important than ever. With this in mind, what does 2018’s Personal Trainer of the Year Holly Lynch think makes an outstanding fitness coach? 

“I think it’s someone who genuinely cares about clients,” Holly says.

It's a customer-driven sector, so it's about connecting with clients and not projecting your ideals on to them. Instead, listen to them about their aims.”

Holly also emphasises the importance of going the extra mile.

“Accessibility is really important. If you have clients that want to train at 6am then be there to help them, the same with those who want to train at 9 o’clock at night. It makes it a demanding job but ultimately they’re your customers and you have to put yourself out there and be available for them.” 

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