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Craig Blain
Self-care and development

Putting People First When You Coach

A closer look at coaching personas and the key motivations behind why people coach

Is there a ‘correct’ reason to be a coach? Why do we need to know the motivations of someone getting into coaching?  

The purpose of coaching is a genuine curiosity of mine, both as a professional and a coach. There is an untold amount of value found in bringing to life “why” someone may be coaching.

This could be the motivation of an independent coach or the strategic aim of an organisation using coaching as a mechanism for change. Either way, knowing the purpose is critical to being able to put people first.

UK Coaching has been busy in this area, developing a model to help show what effective coaching behaviours could look like, particularly the softer “How to” skills of delivering what people want from a coached experience of physical activity or sport.

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Craig Blain