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Developing Mindsets

Reflecting on Leadership in Elite Female Sport

A look at the approaches to leadership that three elite coaches – Tracey Neville, Mark Sampson and Anson Dorrance – have taken that will encourage you to consider how you can develop your leadership skills in your own coaching context, no matter what sport or level you operate in

Wow, what an opportunity – within the space of two weeks I had the chance to speak to three coaches who have achieved incredible things and had unbelievable experiences in their sports. 

Between Anson Dorrance, former US Women’s National Team and current University of North Carolina Head Coach, Tracey Neville, former England Netball Head Coach, and Mark Sampson, former England Lionesses and current Stevenage FC Head Coach, there is an impressive collection of league championships, gold medals, World Cups and record-breaking performances.

But looking beyond the X’s and O’s, this was an opportunity to understand more about the key ingredients of winning cultures, transformational relationships and what great leadership looks like when coaching at the highest level.

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