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Improving Physical Ability

Reformer Pilates is Good for Everyone

Reformer Pilates prioritises quality of movement and can be a beneficial form of prehabilitative exercise. Action PR’s Ellen Rowles discovers more about this form of machine-based Pilates from Ten Health and Fitness’ Head of Fitness Neil Dimmock

From increased flexibility to strength and conditioning, the list of health benefits that can be derived from regular Reformer Pilates practice is far-reaching. It’s good for everyone from prenatal women to elite athletes, at any age, and regardless of gender. So why isn’t everyone doing it? 

Better yet, why isn’t every fitness professional jumping at the chance to instruct it?

Perhaps it is because Reformer Pilates isn’t new and has in fact been around since the late 1920s

Originally designed for rehabilitation, early forms of Reformer Pilates were used to treat soldiers returning from war and help dancers strengthen their bodies and ease aches and pains.

A well-rounded form of exercise, it can improve:

  • posture
  • muscle tone
  • balance
  • joint mobility
  • whole body strength.

Most importantly, it can also help stave off injury.

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