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Short and Sweet: Cricket Needs to Break with Tradition and Embrace Change

Register/Log in to access: Crispin Andrews considers what ‘short format’ options are open to coaches to help cricket catch up with the ‘everything now’ generation

Trying to coach a sport like cricket in the 21st century can often be like whistling against the wind. If people are going to put their energies into something they want an immediate result. 

The battle, however, is far from lost.

Even at recreational level a day’s cricket starts at midday, when you turn up for pre-match practice – or beers. Things might not finish until around seven in the evening, later if there’s rain about. 

You’re unlikely to be home before eight. Just think of all the things a person could get done in that time.

If you’re free of responsibility you can lay in all morning, do some gaming, chat with friends on social media, pig out and head to a mate’s house for the evening. 

And still there’d be time to play a quick game of football, basketball, tennis or any of those other sports which, conveniently for them in the modern era, only last a couple of hours, an hour, or even less. What’s more, playing these other sports, there’s a big chance that they’ll actually be involved in the game for most, if not all, of the duration. 

How much time during a whole day’s cricket does one player actually spend bowling or hitting the ball?

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