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Spaced Learning: Learn Better by Spreading out Your Practise

Distributed or spaced practice occurs when learning takes place over several periods, with time away from the learning in-between. Why is it an effective way to learn?

Distributed or spaced practice is one of the most established principles that helps us learn more effectively. Despite this, massed practice continues to be a more popular way that people choose to do their learning. Find out more about how you can learn better by spacing out your practise.

So, you want to learn something new about coaching? Great! But have you thought about the best way to go about learning it so you can remember it when you need it in the future?  

Do you…

  1. Spend 30 minutes learning the material thoroughly, perhaps by reading an article, re-reading it again to pick out some key points, making some notes, then highlighting the key points and re-reading again?

Total = 30 minutes

Focusing your learning all at once in this way is known as massed practice.

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