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Self-care and development

Stand Out From the Crowd: Offer Something More

Many PTs are self-employed. Katherine Selby speaks to four industry experts to find out about what they view as the key skills to help you stand out as a fitness professional

Coaching and personal training can be competitive, and qualifications aren’t always sufficient. You need to make it clear that you offer something different.

Offering: online coaching

Phill Wright, owner of P13 Athlete, advocates online coaching and has worked with over 200 clients this way, some completely remotely and others using this as added support to face-to-face coaching. 

Online coaching is a game changer that brings you greater flexibility, capacity, agility and, potentially, more income as you can coach more people online than in person,” Phill explains. “Clients love having you accessible ‘24/7’ and it neatly fits around your in-club schedule. 

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