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The Power of Coaching in 2021

With the help of Mel Marshall (coach to Adam Peaty) and Emma Atkins (the Director of Coaching at UK Coaching) we investigate the link between #GreatCoaching and leadership and examine how businesses can leverage the skillsets of sports coaches within their organisations

Leaders from across every sector can learn a lot from great coaches. What does a great coach do? How do they enable their athletes to be the best they can be, not just on the playing field or in the sporting arena, but in life generally? And how can businesses leverage the transferable skillsets and approach of the 1.5m volunteer coaches in the UK, for themselves, their partners, and their communities?

There are not many people better placed to look at these topics than Mel Marshall and Emma Atkins. Mel is coach to a world class team of swimmers including the extraordinary Adam Peaty; Emma is Director of Coaching at UK Coaching and has over 25 years of coaching experience, from grassroots sport to supporting Olympians to transition to life beyond sport. 

Their valuable insight reinforces the often overlooked fact that successful leaders need coaching skills to enable them to drive performance, wellbeing and purpose in their organisations and beyond.

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