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Nick Levett
Children Developing Mindsets

Tips for Developing Children’s Emotional Literacy

The ‘Zones of Regulation’ is an effective framework that coaches can use to help children better understand and manage their emotions, while simultaneously improving their own emotional literacy

One of the things I find interesting is accessing information in different domains that have a direct link to the process of coaching and seeing where this can add value to sport. 

Coaches are sometimes faced (well, when I say ‘sometimes faced’ I mean ‘often faced’) with the challenge of managing behaviour of children and young people within their sport and physical activity sessions. 

Having just got back from a parent session at my local school where the discussion was about emotional literacy and children, I thought it was interesting to get down on paper some of the key takeaway messages, because my instant thoughts were “this is all really important stuff for coaches”. 

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Nick Levett