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Video Lends Added Dimension to Coaching

Learning how to use video effectively is a skill worth developing, writes Coach Logic’s Kenneth Rae. Using video analysis and feedback as a staple of team review sessions will help to highlight good behaviours on the pitch, develop players’ tactical understanding of the game and help evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition

Once upon a time, following the weekend’s game, a coach would have reflected upon the match, aided by scribbled notes and memory. The following week’s training session would have addressed the issues the coach felt was most important, based on his or her reflections.

There may have been conversations with assistant coaches, team managers, mentors – but generally feedback on the match was the subjective view of the coach.

Fast forward to 2020 and the analysis and feedback landscape has altered beyond all recognition.

The game can be videoed in its entirety, giving the coach time and ability to watch every minute of the game, revisiting moments if necessary. The coach can watch from their living room, some time after the match has finished, which removes any knee-jerk, emotional reaction and allows the coach to take a fresh view of how the game unfolded.

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