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Video Stars at Oakham School

In the final article of a three-part series, Coach Logic’s Kenneth Rae speaks to ‘ground-breaking’ hockey coach James Bateman, who shares his experiences of using performance analysis with participants at his school and club

Many coaches at school and community clubs often feel that video analysis is beyond them. Whether it is access to the technological know-how, financial restrictions or simply the constraints of time preventing them from doing a decent analysis job. For many, the thought of filming a match, analysing it, clipping relevant sections and then creating time to discuss the feedback with their participants is time that could be spent practicing.

For schools, time is a very scarce commodity. Most coaches want to get their participants active for as much of a session as possible. Spending time watching videos and discussing what is on the screen feels ‘alien’ to many sports coaches.

However, this sentiment is being challenged by a new breed of technology-savvy coaches across several team sports. Rugby, football and hockey coaches at clubs – and, increasingly, schools – up and down the country are realising that their participants can benefit enormously from targeted video feedback and meeting sessions. 

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