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What Contributes to 'Home Advantage?'

Great Britain’s staggering success in London in 2012 was attributed in part to 'home advantage.' We tackle the truth behind that much-used phrase

Home advantage is known to influence many coaches' tactics, preparation and expectations; but does it really matter whether you're playing at home or away? And if so, why?

“The crowd were so incredible,” said Greg Rutherford, “that on my first attempt I felt they were physically lifting me off the floor.”

The long jumper was speaking after ‘Super Saturday’ at London 2012, when Great Britain’s rowers, runners, jumpers and cyclists bagged six gold medals. By the end of the Games, the team had racked up a record 65 medals:

  • 19 bronzes
  • 17 silvers
  • 29 golds.

It was a step up from the team’s haul of 47 medals at Beijing four years previously. 


What made the difference? Could one factor have been what footballers sometimes refer to as their ‘12th man’ – the home crowd?


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