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Who Else is Missing? Addressing the Lack of Diversity in Coaching

Reflections on the ‘Where are all the female coaches?’ podcast conversation between UK Coaching’s Marianne Davies and Lucy Moore, of Sport England. Marianne explores how we can challenge our sporting and coaching culture to ensure that everyone feels welcome

In our chat for the Coach Developer Conversations series, myself and Lucy quickly established that the issue for us was not just the lack of female coaches and coach developers. 

Inclusion, for us, is not just about women. As Lucy points out early in the podcast, a lack of women should be seen as a big red flag. Rather than making assumptions or excuses about why women are under-represented in coaching, should we instead be asking: “Who else is missing?”

Lucy suggests that in order to address the lack of diversity in coaching, coach education and development, we need to gain a better understanding of the entire sporting ecosystem

This is a complicated and nuanced problem. Where do we start to make sense of the influences, the blocks (handbrakes) and opportunities (accelerators) in those sporting ecosystems?

There has been a huge investment of time, effort and money, coupled with passion for change, and yet there appears to be little change.

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