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13 May 2019 385
Employer or Deployer

Why Is It Important to Embrace Diversity Within the Coaching Workforce?

A diverse coaching workforce better reflects the range of communities that coaches work with. We must ensure that a wider range of people have real opportunities to pursue careers in coaching

We live in a world comprised of different people with distinctive characteristics, qualities, ideas and skills. So why do we not always embrace differences or appreciate the benefits that diversity can bring to the world?

Within the sport sector, there is a recognition that diversity is a positive thing and organisations are actively seeking to recruit a workforce that fosters diversity. 

It has become a major priority to ensure that the coaching workforce is reflective of the communities being served and that attempts are being made to break down some of the barriers preventing us from embracing diversity.

What are the barriers?

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in and are different to everyone else? Has this ever stopped you from doing something you were interested in?

These are the kind of barriers that prevent individuals from becoming coaches.

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