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Supporting Specific Needs

Working with Specialist Populations is Immensely Rewarding

PTs make the case for working with specialist populations and argue that the opportunity to change someone’s life is a completely unique, rewarding experience. Being inclusive can also help with marketing your business

Specialist populations may include people with a specific health concern, such as cardiovascular disease, elderly people with mobility issues, and those with a disability. A skilled, qualified coach can design programmes for these groups that can have life-changing impacts.

There are a variety of ways fitness coaches can work with specialist populations. One of the most common is through a gym's GP referral programme.

Everyone Active runs 12 week-long GP referral schemes across its network of 150 leisure centres, including at Harrow Leisure Centre.

Harrow's Health Manager Richard Coker tells us that the referred client's journey, having mainly been referred to them due to weight-related issues, begins with a pre-assessment session.

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