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UK Coaching Participation Team

Taking Charge of Your Own Learning

Would you like some free coach development? With friendly like minded and passionate people? Do you have a coaching problem that you need help with? Are you looking for inspiration? Have you thought about having a ‘learning get together’ at your club?

If you've got great people skills and you'd like to make a difference to coaching in your community, check out how to coordinate a community of practice (COP); that is, a group of coaches, who: 

  • are actively coaching and engage with each other on more than one occasion
  • share a common passion, concern or challenge in their coaching 
  • want a meaningful learning experience that improves their coaching practice 
  • share good practice and experiences, with, and for the benefit of others
  • are willing to ask questions and provide communal support
  • and are committed to trying and sharing new ideas in their coaching.

During Coaching Week, a further two blogs on communities of practice will be published; divulging top tips on how to start one and guidance to see if they are making a difference. Check them out in the Related Content section below.

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