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Everything You Need to Know about Concussion

The government’s guidance on concussion for grassroots sport. The message is simple, clear and important: ‘if in doubt, sit them out’

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects the brain's ability to function. The symptoms are usually temporary, and most individuals fully recover. Concussion can occur at any age, although young children and teenagers may be more at risk and experience symptoms that last longer.

The advice and guidance follow three steps:

  1. RECOGNISE the signs of concussion.
  2. REMOVE anyone suspected of being concussed immediately.
  3. RETURN the person safely to daily activity, education/work, and ultimately physical activity and sport.

The guidance provides a consistent and standard approach across the UK for all grassroots physical activity and sport, in any setting or space.

The guidance is important for all coaches and teachers, and participants, parents/carers, match officials and administrators should also be familiar with the guidance and steps to protect everyone taking part.

Concussion Awareness for Coaches

Learn more about concussion, its impact on people, and how you can adapt your coaching environment to support people who have a concussion on our eLearning course


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