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How Primary Schools Can Retain and Develop Coaches

Developing a long-term relationship with coaches who work in your school will be beneficial for both the coaches and the school, ensuring there is continuous development of the children and the PE curriculum.

Supporting your coaches with proper induction and ongoing development will be a very positive step towards sustainability. Where possible, Primary Schools should support coaches to be able to deliver across a number of sports, summer and winter, so they can be deployed throughout the year.

To ensure the primary school PE and School Sport funding is sustainable, coaches should be upskilling teachers to deliver curriculum time physical education independently in the future. Using coaches to deliver additional activities outside curriculum time is another way to ensure your school can benefit from sports coaches.

If timetables allow, it may also be practical to work in partnership with other local schools, providing a coach with more coaching hours and making their work more sustainable and cost-effective. Although at first sight this may not appear to benefit the individual school, it could make the difference in ensuring availability of coaching skills.

Classroom Management and Mentoring

Feedback has shown that two areas where coaches may need some additional support when coaching in schools are classroom management and mentoring skills.

Classroom Management

For many coaches, working with large class sizes is a new challenge. Professional learning in a school environment is a two-way process, so coaches should not be afraid to ask teachers for their expertise and support in classroom management.


Coaches in schools are often asked to help develop and support the sport specific skills of primary teachers. The UK Coaching Guide to Mentoring sports coaches workshop is a valuable piece of training, enabling schools-based coaches to develop their mentoring skills.

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