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Nine Benefits of Using Qualified Coaches in Schools

Guidance for head teachers and PE subject leaders on why a collaborative approach to teaching sport and physical education is crucial to the optimal development of our children and young people

We at UK Coaching, along with all our national partners, agree that teachers should not be displaced or replaced from curriculum time delivery. 

However, coaches working in schools can offer a range of potential benefits to school staff and the wider school community. 

There are scenarios where outsourcing through the PE and Sport Premium is recommended. For example, to expand after-school sport provision, to enhance teachers’ technical knowledge in a particular activity or to develop pupils’ fundamental movement skills.

Here is a more detailed list of the many benefits of using qualified coaches in schools: 

Coaches can:

  1. Provide additional capacity to help schools to deliver a greater range and frequency of school sport opportunities for their children and young people.
  2. Assist teachers in improving their knowledge around the development of core skills in young people such as locomotion, object control, stability, balance and co-ordination.
  3. Help to ensure the PE and School Sport premium funding as a sustainable legacy by directly up-skilling teachers technical knowledge of sport.
  4. Support teachers to develop fundamental movement skills in young people to help them to be more confident to participate in sport and physical activity as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.
  5. Promote lifelong participation in sport and physical activity to young people.
  6. Be role models and play a pivotal role in the mentoring and development of young leaders as coaches.
  7. Help to develop skills for life and skills for employability in young people through empowerment and engagement of young people in leadership roles in sport.
  8. Contribute to the raising achievement agenda in schools through developing confidence and self esteem in young people through sport and through educating young people on the importance and value of sport.
  9. Support the transition between school and community sport through helping to create and develop satellite clubs and developing links with local community sports clubs.

Coaching in Primary Schools Toolkit

This resource is part of a series aimed at primary schools in the UK developed by a range of National organisations.

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