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Self-care and development

An Introduction to Leading Change

Leading people through a period of change can be uncomfortable – and even messy. Use this resource, developed with Simon Padley, to formulate a key strategy to ensure that everyone feels involved, heard and part of the process

In coaching, it’s normal to step into new roles or work with different participants, but when you join a new environment or take on a new role, the context and culture within the organisation can be different, and this can be unsettling for both the participants and the support staff and coaches.

They may have been very comfortable with the way things were or had connections with coaches who have moved on. This doesn’t mean that change shouldn’t happen, but it does require the leader to be emotionally aware and to work dynamically, ensuring that the changes being experienced don’t become obstacles to progress.

Instead, use these transition periods to help people to see opportunities and to ensure that all voices are heard and valued.

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