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Bringing Reflective Practice to Life: Five Key Ingredients

Part of a series developed in partnership with Brendan Cropley, this resource discusses process and outcome elements of reflective practice, offering suggestions for making it purposeful and effective

Plan, Do, Review is a central process for every coach in designing effective and engaging sessions. Reflective practice also plays a crucial role in linking sessions, maximising learning opportunities and the development of the participants.

Professor Brendan Cropley is a coach, coach developer and Professor of Sport Coaching at the University of South Wales and an acknowledged expert in field of reflective practice. He has supported coaches and numerous governing bodies of sport to develop their practice. 

In this resource, Brendan shares five ‘key ingredients’ of high-quality reflection.

If we accept that transformative reflective practice is central to the development of high-quality coaches and that the development of high quality coaching is central to the development of better athletes, then we have to ensure that our reflective practices serve to help us better understand ourselves, our practice and the context in which our practice occurs."

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