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Building Resilience Through Healthy Stretch

In the final part of our series on resilience, Rene Barrett shares with Blake Richardson a useful analogy that will help to embed what you have learned about resilience so far, whilst doubling as a simple framework on your journey to becoming a more emotionally agile person and coach

The key to enhancing our resilience lies in the ability to control our emotions. But before we can act on our feelings, we must first be able to identify our stress points and recognise the tell-tale signs of burnout, while also learning to pinpoint the source of our positive emotions. 

It was noted in the opening article that only by gaining a deeper understanding of how we live our lives can we relearn how to live our lives and work on undoing those damaging learned behaviours that are triggered by our feelings, emotions, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

Unfortunately, there are two major stumbling blocks preventing us from being able to freely regulate our emotions.

The first is that our hectic lifestyles often mean other people notice we are under strain before we do.

The second problem is that when we finally do take stock of our negative emotional state, invariably we plough on regardless. 

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