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Busting Myths Around Exercise for Midlife Participants

Developed in partnership with CEO of The Well HQ and exercise professional Baz Moffat, this guide in a series on coaching midlife women contains answers to common questions around coaching midlife female participants – busting a few myths along the way!

When coaching midlife women, as with any sector of the population, it’s important to treat everyone as an individual, and not to make assumptions about what they are and aren’t comfortable with. Use the answers in this resource to guide your coaching practice.

Q. I've been asked whether 40-year-old women should run.

A: There is often confusion as to whether it’s okay for midlife women to exercise ‘hard’, especially as they’re often provided with competing and conflicting messages encouraging them to minimise stress and listen to their body, as well as to exercise. 

Women need to move, and they need to believe their bodies aren’t about to break. You’re in the best position to help them become strong and resilient and empower them to take part in the activities that they enjoy.

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