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Self-care and development

Guide to Understanding Self

With this comprehensive guide on the Coach Learning Framework's ‘Understanding Self’ theme – jam-packed with practical tips, ideas, and the key points you'll need to start putting what you learn into practice – you'll find the knowledge and tools you need to approach self-discovery and deep insight as you learn about the key pillars that comprise this theme, giving you greater self-awareness and enabling you to improve your own performance

Everyone has a unique set of experiences that shape the way that they deliver their practice and support their athletes. Becoming a better coach requires insight into yourself.

The case studies in this guide – exclusive for UK Coaching Club Subscribers – will serve as a focus point for you to better understand each pillar and yourself.

  • Self-care and self-regulation: how you manage your internal states and impulses. A regulated individual has better balance. and judgement of their feelings and actions.
  • Developing your coaching philosophy: a series of guiding principles that inform your coaching practice and guide decision-making.
  • Developing a reflective practice: the 'magic ingredient' of reflection is essential in developing coaching craft.
  • Leadership: learn more about leading yourself, athletes and teams.


  • Understanding and managing your stressors: learning to detect the things that generate unpleasant emotions is the first step to dealing with those emotions effectively.
  • Coaching as a business: build key skills to market yourself effectively and deliver great coaching in a way that works for you and the people you coach.
  • The coach as a learner: the ability to learn helps you understand more, relate to situations and people and make sense of the world.

If you search online for the term 'understanding self,' you will be shown multiple quotes along the lines of 'knowing yourself lets you understanding others,' 'to understand others you have to understand yourself first,' and 'the most difficult thing in life is to understand yourself.' 

It is clear that developing a better understanding of yourself as a coach can enable you to have a better impact on the people that you coach.

Everyone has a unique set of experiences that shape the way that they deliver their practice and support their athletes. Use this guide and accompanying resources to take an inward look at your practice as a developing coach and be inspired to take the next steps in your development.

Coaching is a wonderful thing. It can positively impact our society, culture and community, and can give the people we coach a sense of purpose, helping them feel part of something biggert han themselves. Coaching can break down barriers, lift people up and inspire them to do wonderful things for each other.

But coaching is complex. There's lots to consider, from practice design, understanding more about the environment that you create, and getting to know the people at your sessions, to ensuring that the activities that you deliver are challenging yet supportive.


Let's press pause and think:

  • What is your mission?
  • What difference do you want to make to the people that you coach?
  • What support do you need to fulfil your potential?
  • What can you achieve, especially if you are really brave?


Where to Start


How do you invest your time as a coach in and beyond your sport or activity?

How do you best support yourself, to ultimately support your athletes better?


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Use this guide, as well as the accompanying resources you'll unlock by becoming a UK Coaching Club Subscriber, to take an inward look at your practice as a developing coach and be inspired to take the next steps in your development.

You’ll be able to improve your coaching impact, get better results and derive greater enjoyment from your coaching.

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