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Females Improving Physical Ability Supporting Specific Needs

Coaching Women Returning to Activity After Childbirth – Episode 3

A series of five articles by Senior Physiotherapist and Postnatal Pelvic Health Specialist Victoria Bateman highlighting some key challenges faced by women after giving birth. The third part of the series focuses on recovery after childbirth

Once postnatal always postnatal! 

You cannot put a time on the postnatal period (the period after childbirth), and I’ll tell you why. 

Women can struggle with issues from childbirth years after giving birth. This can affect them physically and mentally. So, something to always keep in mind is that there is no six-week recovery period; the body is still healing way beyond this. 

This Guide will cover pelvic health after childbirth, common symptoms to look out for, barriers to returning to exercise and the importance of nutrition – all of which will impact how you may train the postnatal female.

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