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Considerations for Supporting Female Participants in Training and Exercise

Developed in partnership with CEO of The Well HQ and women’s health coach Baz Moffat, this guide in a series on coaching midlife women highlights the importance of physical activity and exercise and small changes to make to your practice to better support the people you coach

At The Well HQ, the basic belief is that women need to move and find something that they enjoy (love may be pushing it for some). During midlife, exercise is key because not only can it help to manage many of the symptoms associated with perimenopause, but it also has longer-term benefits and effects on cardiac health, bone and muscle, and psychological health that no drugs can offer.   

As a coach, you can create conversations and discussions to support women.

Baz introduces five activities to encourage women in their midlife to consider doing to support their health:

  1. Track their symptoms. Track everything! Not just training and performance outcomes but their menstrual cycle, sleep, hot flushes, and energy levels. The more information they have, the better. It also means they’re far more attuned to their bodies and have personal body literacy, which is such a good tool when it comes to navigating menopause.

They may or may not want to share this with you and that’s fine, but it will be helpful if they could share some of this so that you can adapt your sessions to meet their personal and specific needs. Remember, this is a constant and not a one-time review, so how will you keep the conversation going

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