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Finding a Suitable Training Base

With increasing numbers of fitness coaches considering opening their own facilities, we take advice from industry experts on what to look for in a training base. The key point: find a base that suits what you're offering

The fitness industry is becoming hypercompetitive and is spurring us on to create better offerings and experiences. It’s up to you to make the most of this situation by considering the best base for your work

“The economic downturn has meant that there are lots of retail and industrial spaces currently standing empty, perfect for conversion into a PT studio or gym, often with attractive rent-free periods,” says Director of Sideways8 Training Kristoph Thompson. 

“Those working 1:1 or with small groups will only require a small space, which can also be rented out to other trainers when otherwise not required to help to keep costs down. If you’re taking on a larger space, you'll be wanting to create a membership infrastructure.”

What about prices?  

“Membership pricing might include options for PT, group fitness, or a combination of the two. Additional revenue can be gained from renting this space or partnering with other exercise professionals and including their services into any membership prices.”

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