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Finding an Approach to Reflective Practice That Works for You

Part of a series developed in partnership with Professor Brendan Cropley, this resource contains top tips and key considerations for developing a habit of effective reflective practice

Reflective practice is central to #GreatCoaching, providing a structure for coaches to consider how they can improve, developing themselves and their coaching practice.

In this resource, Professor Brendan Cropley shares top tips and key suggestions to enable you to find an approach to reflective practice that is effective for you, and that fits in with your sport, coaching practice and schedule.

Importantly, you should work to become comfortable in using a range of approaches to reflective practice rather than simply adopting the same approach for every reflective experience. Have you thought about:

  • Using a bullet point summary?
  • Having a reflective conversation with your coaching team?
  • Working through a framework?
  • Sketchnoting?
  • Capturing your initial reflections on a voice recorder/mobile? (This is ideal for an initial reflection in the car before your journey home.)

What you want to reflect on, the purpose, should influence the approach you take. The ‘purpose’ can be divided into two decisions that you can make before beginning reflective practice:

  • What is the aim of the reflection? 
  • What are the specific things that you need/want to reflect on?

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