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Developing Mindsets

How to Help the People You Coach Deal with Defeat

Most people in sport will experience defeat at some point. Insight gathered by Tim Hartley recommends boosting confidence and looking forward

Most coaches will, at some point, be brought in to help an athlete or team that hasn’t triumphed. This period can be crucial in the development of those individuals or groups.

There aren’t many times the worlds of sport and poetry collide, but when they do, chances are that Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ will be mentioned, or more specifically, a certain two lines.

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster / And treat those two impostors just the same”.

For Level 4 endurance coach Phill Morris, there’s a lot of wisdom in those 16 words.

“As an endurance coach, most of the time my athletes won’t win,” Phill explains. “I recently listened to (European and Commonwealth medallist) Tim Hutchings talk about making a career of losing, and I see one of the most important jobs in coaching being to try to give athletes a good perspective on sport... and life in general.”

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