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Leading Change: Understanding Group Dynamics in Leadership

Developed with Simon Padley, this resource examines a change management curve and principles around group dynamics, offering you the knowledge and confidence to tackle this challenging aspect of leadership

In positions of leadership, we are often trying to establish, shape or change cultures and environments. This can be challenging, particularly when conflict arises between yourself and the team or within the team. However, change and conflict can also lead to positive team and group development. If you’re aware of the phases and processes that may take place, you can be fully prepared to meet and embrace them as part of a successful leadership journey.

In the 1960s, a psychologist called Bruce Tuckman observed the different stages that groups went through when working together, from initial interactions towards growing effectiveness. Understanding these stages and their characteristics can help you reflect upon and ‘see’ what you may be observing with your team or participants, providing insight to adapt your behaviours to best suit each stage.

Tuckmans’ 4 stages of development

1) Forming

This initial stage of formation is characterised by the group beginning to understand each other and the leader. Some goals may be agreed on and people will largely be accepting of each other to produce some sense of initial agreement. You may have experienced this when you have taken on new coaching roles where your participants are keen to please and compliant to your ideas, suggestions and leadership.


  • What leadership behaviours could you use during this stage?
  • How would your chosen values help you to shape this time?


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