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Adam Haines
Organising and Planning

Onboarding Prospects to Your Online Coaching Services

Part five of Adam Haines’ six-step guide to becoming a successful online coach

The implementation of a robust and thorough onboarding process is critical to the lifetime value of the client/participant being inducted into your online service offering. 

Whether you are onboarding a current client/participant that interacts with you in person, or someone who you may never have had any face-to-face interaction with before, it is vital to make a great first impression. 

The onboarding is the first stage of building a relationship based on trust and confidence. It is also your opportunity to vet applicants and filter out those you feel may not be best suited to your coaching programmes. 

Don’t be afraid to vet applications and refuse entry onto your coaching programmes if necessary. If an applicant is showing signs of a lack of commitment or there are warning signs that there will be a low level of compliance, it is in your best interests to explain to the applicant that you may not be the best suited to helping them at this stage. 

An element that is often overlooked by coaches is the initial contact with a prospect.

Consider the following questions:

  • What avenues of contact are open to prospects of your coaching services? 
  • Can prospects schedule a call with you to discuss the services available or are they limited to a “contact me” form on your website? 

As mentioned earlier, first impressions matter. The initial contact must reflect the level of service you are proposing.

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