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Improving Physical Ability Organising and Planning

Entry Coach: How to Develop Strong Movement and Mobility Skills

Insight and resources to help you reframe ‘fundamental movement skills’ as ‘movement is fundamental’ in your sessions to meet the needs of the people you coach and improve physical fitness

Often, the term ‘fundamental movement skills’ is used to describe movements that individuals should complete to increase their ‘trainability’. The idea is that participants have a bigger range of movement skill to utilise within practice and competition.

There is a belief too that there is linear progression between completing one movement in isolation with body weight and being able to perform the same action or movement dynamically (at high load or speed). As an example, linear progression assumes progression in a squatting movement from bodyweight to high load back squat is simply a matter of safely and gradually increasing load until the participant can achieve the desired outcome.

This is not the case and misrepresents what is occurring, paying little attention to the complex adaptive responses both from a structural (muscles and tendons) and the coordinative (brain and nervous system) perspective.

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