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Entry Coach: Understanding Tissue Conditioning

Insight into tissue conditioning, the tissues that affect muscle-tendon contraction and the way that force is expressed, key to boosting physical fitness

A good starting point is understanding what is meant by tissue conditioning. When we say tissue, we’re referring to the soft tissue in our bodies of muscles and tendons. There are other forms of soft tissue such as ligaments and the tissues that surround our joints, but these tissues have little effect on muscle-tendon contraction and the way force is expressed.

This guide focuses on muscle and tendon, considering this from the perspectives of outcome and method. An outcome can simply be viewed by what you need to change, while the method is what you have available to make this change.


  • Work capacity: the ability to produce or tolerate variable intensities and durations of work.


  • Conditioning: the training parameters required to develop work capacity.

Put simply, tissue conditioning is your muscles’ and tendons’ ability to tolerate training stress (including competitions).

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