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Improving Physical Ability

Evolving Coach: Developing Physical Skills to Drive Performance

Insight into determining the technical, tactical and physical components of each ability that you need to support your participants to master as they build physical fitness

When you consider the physical activities and sports you coach, the three main considerations are likely to be the technical, tactical, and physical components. But while focusing on the physical preparation, it’s important not to ignore the psychobehavioural and social components of personal development. Only when this is included can you paint a ‘full and vibrant picture.’

All sports have a mix of technical, tactical, and physical characteristics. Depending on the physical activity or sport and how you think these should be performed (your model of performance), that mix and combination will vary. Two coaches from the same sport are likely to identify a different mix between the technical, tactical, and physical characteristics.

When you start to consider the skills and qualities within the sport identified in the performance need notepad, it’s possible to determine the technical, tactical, and physical components that make up each skill/quality. Again, two coaches working within the same sport may have a very different blend. 

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