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Self-Care Strategies to Build Resilience

Blake Richardson meets resilience builder and leadership developer Rene Barrett and, in the second of a three-part series, explores some transferable techniques that can be used to develop resilience in yourself and in the people you work with

Barely a day goes by without reading in the media of new research confirming the alarming scale of the nation’s mental health crisis. 

Action is urgently needed to stem the rising tide of mental illness, which does not discriminate – affecting people of all ages, genders, incomes and ethnicities.

It has been widely publicised that one in four of us will suffer from mental health problems in our lifetime.

More recent studies have shown:

  • 18% of young people in the UK do not think life is worth living
  • one in five women under 25 self-harm
  • the number of primary school children who self-harm has quadrupled in five years.

Building people’s emotional resilience can protect them against the poisoning effects of our fast-living, technology-driven modern lifestyles, reversing the cumulative impact it is having on our health and well-being.

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