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Self-Determination Theory: A Person-Centred Approach

Social connectedness is one of the main components of self-determination theory. Setting the right coaching environment, and the right social conditions within this environment, hold the key to driving your athletes’ autonomous motivation to compete and excel in sport

This article will look to identify the links between intrinsic motivation and self-determination theory and its links to successful person-centred coaching within the talent and performance space.

Why think about motivation and self-determination theory?

According to Martindale, Collins & Daubney (2005), it helps to promote and develop “habits and skills that will be effective at later stages and those which enhance a youngster’s ability to learn, develop and progress”, helping to develop more autonomous and self-directed athletes.

It is important to think about self-determination as a concept. Self-determination allows people to feel that they have control. Within sport this may be about where you play or compete or it could be around how the sessions are constructed, designed or delivered

At times, it can also impact motivation. Athletes feel more motivated to compete, and ultimately excel, when they feel that what they do will have an effect on the outcome.

This is highly specific within the talent coaching space, and specifically when trying to ensure you are coaching the person in front of you using a people / person centred approach.

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