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27 Apr 2020 149
Rapport Building and Communicating Developing Mindsets

Supporting Behaviour Change: Giving ‘Brief Advice’

The complex nature of human behaviour can make breaking negative patterns of behaviour, or starting new healthy behaviours, difficult. It requires a lot of effort, but the process can be helped immeasurably by a coach who understands how to influence and encouraging positive changes

Supporting people to change their behaviour is a complex task. We all have behaviours and to do new things – to a point where they become a habit – we must navigate a journey of change. 

Replacing one behaviour with another can take a long time, and reverting to ‘what we know best’, or relapse, is almost inevitable at some point along the way.  

The Brief Advice technique supports people to think differently about the issue they face, empowering them to identify meaningful steps they want to take to address this.  

And where possible, it looks to provide people with the skills or knowledge they require to make change happen. 

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