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Supporting Participants Through Menopause

Developed in partnership with Dr Bella Smith at the Well HQ, this guide in a series on coaching midlife women explains the role that you can play in supporting the people you coach who are experiencing the menopause

You need to be aware, especially if you coach adults, that every woman will go through the menopause. As such, even if you’re not a menopause expert, you can play an important role in changing how women experiencing the menopause engage with sport and physical activity.

Exercise provides so much more than just physical benefits, especially for this age group. Helping them to stay injury-free and develop and invest in their own health is an important part of supporting them to have the best menopausal experience they can.

Sam's story

Sam is 48. She is a very keen runner and has competed in long-distance running in her 20s at a high level. She has continued to stay fit and active since but has noticed some new symptoms recently. 

Sam works part-time and is married with two teenage children. She is still having regular periods but recently her periods have become much heavier, lasting for 10 days at a time. She uses condoms as contraception and is not taking any form of hormones. She has a good diet, drinks occasionally, and doesn’t smoke.

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