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The Benefits of 'Transformational Coaching Behaviours'

Insight into transformational coaching behaviours and strategies to incorporate them into your coaching. Researchers in Canada have identified a series of coaching behaviours with the potential to have a transformational impact on athletes

As coaches, we know how important it is to have positive interactions with the athletes that we support. Consistent and unconditional coaching behaviours promote trust and provide the foundation for strong interpersonal relationships. For all coaches, being mindful and intentional with the way that we coach creates an opportunity to have a long-term developmental impact on athletes.

Researchers in Canada have identified a series of coaching behaviours with the potential to have a transformational impact on athletes. The 11 transformational coaching behaviours have emerged from research led by Jean Côté and Jennifer Turnnidge and show a clear direction for how coaches can intentionally behave with their athletes to support positive outcomes, especially in youth sport.

Transformational leadership

It is important to take a step back and look at the origins of transformational coaching behaviours. Transformational leadership is part of the full-range leadership model developed by researchers Bass and Riggio. It highlights the four Is of transformational leadership:

  • Idealised influence, whereby leaders gain trust by modelling prosocial behaviours, treating group members fairly, and following a consistent set of values.
  • Inspirational motivation, which is when leaders spur on goal pursuit by holding high expectations and forming a clear vision of the future.
  • Intellectual stimulation, which is when leaders provide opportunities for followers to feel autonomous and to contribute creative ideas.
  • Individualised consideration, whereby followers have opportunities to form individual relationships with their leader that demonstrate unique expectations and concerns.

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