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Thinking About Food: Finding the Right Choice When Eating Out

Advice developed with Sarah Chantler (Registered Dietician at Food Ninja), to help coaches think about nutrition and guide the young people they coach to make positive food choices, including from their favourite fast food franchises

It is seldom that fast food or processed food are far from the news in relation to health outcomes such as obesity. Fast food is defined as the options that we can buy on the move (pre-prepared) and has often been associated with poor quality foods (processed) and high sugar, salt and saturated fat intake. 

However, while the trifecta (salt, sugar and fat) of ‘tasty’ is still often present in on the go/pre-prepared foods, there has been a large shift in the variety and quality of foods available to us. By legislation (sugar tax) or by trend (push from consumers), all fast food chains are increasing their options to keep up with the more mindful customer. 

This is one of the reasons that there can’t be a hard and fast rule to direct our growing and active youngsters as to how often and how much fast food they should be eating. However, there are some focus areas that can still help parents and coaches to help direct positive food choices. 

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