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Improving Physical Ability

Understanding Supplements: Dangers and Benefits

It's not unusual for clients to ask their personal trainers about supplements. Ian Slattery finds out about this minefield of a topic, and discovers that in conjunction with a healthy diet and in moderation, some varieties can be beneficial

The topic of supplements can be controversial. So where should fitness professionals stand on the matter, when the consequences can mean losing a client or suffering a reputational hit?

In 2016 the world’s largest dietary supplement maker, GNCHoldings Inc, paid over $2million to avoid prosecution over its alleged sale of illegal pills and powders.

Doubtless linked to that is the figure in the US of 20,000 (the number of trips to A&E every year attributed to dietary supplements).

Interestingly, however, a not unreasonable suggestion to ban dietary supplements as a result of this is often met with horror.

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